The beach is situated across 10,000 m² park, designed for resting and events (partly paved, mostly English lawn). There are 12 outside cabins for changing clothes and 4 external sanitary containers. Inside wardrobe contains 35 cabins for changing and 300 boxes for wardrobe storage. There are men’s and women’s toilets and 12 showers in the locker room. There are 3 courts for beach volleyball with grandstands within Laguna Complex
Rustically equipped playground is 420 m² large, with a stage for performances and outdoor playground equipment. On the grassy area there’s a bar, equipped with garden for 250 guests. Beside the grassland is an event tent for 300 people with 20 tables and benches suitable for picnics.
The Old Stern fast food and sweet ice cream garden with 40 tables and chairs is located at the entrance.

Pure nature

Maintenance workers take care of the lawn daily, they trim the grass on a regular basis and in those nights when temperatures are above-average, additional watering takes place. Special care is devoted to cleaning of all surfaces, so that every morning the most beautiful images await visitors. All toilets, showers, dressing rooms, garbage bins are cleaned hourly. Before the beginning of the bathing season, special professional service center properly trims all the trees, which amongst others, means cutting off dead branches that could be dangerous for visitors. The whole Laguna staff takes care for the birds on the beach premises by giving them food into the bird houses and they also take care for squirrels and other visitors of animal species.

Drinks / Food

Afternoon / Evening bar with a garden at the pool rim, access to the Bikini island and the natural shade of trees, occasionally offers thematic happenings (picnics, cocktails, wine makers presentations, sports events and meetings …).
Sweet bar offers all kinds of ice cream, and freshly prepared pancakes with different flavors and fillings. Sweet bar operates throughout the day. Located near the entrance is a children playground.
Stern is an old pub with a garden inside and outside of the Laguna city beach. The garden is located to the left of the entrance. The restaurant prepares fast food daily.Old Stern invites you to enjoy a cold refreshment in the shadow, right at the entrance to the pool. If you’re having a hunger attack, you can order a delicious meal there or satisfy your sweet tooth with some ice cream

External site is located near the entrance to the Laguna City Beach. This part is furnished in a wooden tavern style, as it was in 1930, when the Venetian spa was built by owner Mr. Štirn on this location. Here you can feel relaxed as if you were at home…