Laguna Club

What is LAGUNA Club?

LAGUNA Club is a club of registered users of Laguna City Beach, who purchased LAGUNA Club card for special price bonuses (50% discount for daily tickets). Faithful members of the LAGUNA Club are also entitled to other benefits that will be prepared for them this summer on the LAGUNA City Beach.

What kind of benefits LAGUNA Club offers?

By purchasing LAGUNA Club season card, you register as a user of the club and during whole summer you are entitled to 50% discount on all day tickets for the swimming lagoon, which applies only to users of the club. In addition, there is also a discount available for other tickets (afternoon, evening, etc.), as well as users of the club will receive other special benefits on certain days (promotions, events, special daily promotional offers etc.).

How much does the LAGUNA Club membership card cost?

LAGUNA club membership card, which brings all the benefits outlined above, costs 10€ per person.
Production of one membership card costs 2€ extra. Each card is made for one person and is not transferable. It is valid whole summer.

Become a LAGUNA Club member


From which point is a purchased LAGUNA Club membership card valid?

At second visit. Each additional visit and other benefits are therefore only enjoyment and relaxation at guaranteed amazingly low prices …

How to redeem LAGUNA Club membership card benefits?

Very simple. You identify yourself with your LAGUNA Club membership card at cash-register and you are already entitled to buy tickets at membership rates.