The fenced swimming pool area covers 5.500 square meters.Laguna City Beach area covers a total of 19.000 m². The pool facilities consist of 4.000 m² of paved areas and 1.300 m² of water surface, allowing the capacity of 1840 visitors at once or 2500 throughout the day. 24 external showers, 12 outside cabins for changing clothes and men’s and women’s toilets next to the hall are available. Vitka bar with 12 bar stools and water garden with 50 seats is located in the actual swimming pool. On paved surfaces, 300 deckchairs and 150 umbrellas offer comfort to visitors.

Riviera whirlpool

The pool is located on the west side of the swimming pool area (total water surface area is 575 m²and the pool volume is 781,50 m³) and has an L shape. The pool is 135 cm deep.

A part of the pool has a large low-water area, which is suitable for lounging and sunbathing in the water, but it also includes a water ripple effect. Beside the shallow part, there are two 10 m air massage tubs. At the end of the shallow part there is a water overflow and on each side there is a large whirlpool. In the centre of the pool there is a smaller island. Opposite the island there are water bar stools and a special oval water disco with water and light effects. On the other side of the pool there are six waterfalls and three geysers, two Jacuzzis, a water cannon and a wild river.
Next to the pool Riviera there are heated deck chairs with speakers. They are suitable also for practicing foot massage.
The water is heated through a solar system and is completely eco-friendly. The guaranteed temperature of the Riviera pool is 28°C after 12.00 o’clock. Therefore, its temperature increases from morning to evening according to the energy produced by solar energy from the sun.

Fontana whirlpool

Fontana is located in the eastern part of the resort (total water surface of 585 m²and pool volume is 735 m³).

The pool is known for its beautiful fountain, which particularly stands out in the evenings when it is illuminated. The pool also contains a bikini island which is possible to come from outside of the fenced pool ring at the bar called Ritka. Access to the island is also possible in footwear, without being required to go through sanitary pools, which by law allows access to the pool ring just by washing the feet. Access to the island is also possible in footwear, without being required to go through sanitary pools, which by law allows access to the pool ring just by washing the feet. This access to the island allows visitors direct contact with water surfaces also in the evening. Bikini island has got its name because it is separated from other areas and is suitable for those who want more peace and discretion. Serving of drinks is possible on the Bikini island through a bridge from the Ritka bar.

Around the island flows a fast river. Opposite the island is a shallow oval area resembling a quiet lagoon to relax and sunbathe in the water. The pool contains four floors, and chest and back massage ovals with waterfalls. In the pool there are also bar stools and 25 air-massage deckchairs. A smaller, shallow oval shaped area is intended for sunbathing in the water. Water depth is 135 cm. Swimming pool Fontana has a larger swimming surface so therefore the water temperature is slightly lower than in the Riviera pool. At the same time, with its lower temperatures, it is more suitable for swimmers looking for more freshness.

Laguna has trained rescue and security services. Three rescuers (two watching from the tower, one constantly moving among the visitors) and at least one security guard, who continually monitor and ensure that all visitors feel safe, are present every day. In case of an accident, the injured person is taken care of on the spot or in the first aid room, located on the western part of the resort.

We do not use any glassware, which means that all food and drinks are served in plastic or paper containers.

Children’s pool with water slide and playground equipment

Children’s swimming pool is located on the north-western side of the swimming pool area and is intended for children from 1 to 5 years of age. Total water surface is 50 m², and the pool volume is 22.5 m³. In the pool there is a playground: a turtle to ride, a clown with water jets and a slide. The pool is 30 cm deep, and the water temperature is between 28°C and 30°C. The pool has a round shape and around it there is an area for deckchairs, so that parents can look after their children.

Pool massage – pool attractions
Cocktail bar

Cocktail Bar is a snack bar with a small garden and bar stools in the pool at the bar. It’s specialties are non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails, fresh natural fruit juices… The bar also offers freshly prepared pastries. It’s located between the Riviera and Fontana whirlpools. Open from 9.00 to 19.00. For special events it also operates in the evening hours.

Caring for the clean water / The assessment of adequacy of bathing water

We live in a time when the pollution of rivers, lakes and seas no longer allows swimming without any consequences on health. That is why most of our guests decide to visit and swim in Laguna, because our pools are kept clean with good quality water.

Laguna City Beach managers have decided that our first criterion is high quality and clean water. Our experts care for the quality of water in swimming pools 24 hours a day. We use the latest technology to purify water every day through the large filter systems, which eliminate all impurities.

We know that clean water is also the main quality criterion of our public swimming pool. Our visitors, of course, want superior hygiene standards and we gladly fulfill their needs.

We can organize short presentation of our technology for all interested visitors.

In 2010 we invested in a unique system of solar heating swimming pool water, which allows the water to heat eco-friendly on the roof of our sports and event hall, without any burden to environment.

Water temperature:
Children’s pool: 30°C
Riviera whirlpool: 27°C
Fontana whirlpool: 24°C
Thus, on sunny days, the system automatically heats the water in the Riviera whirlpool to 30°C.
Only water from our own well is used for all our pools. The well exists from the times of the first resort dated in the year 1930.
All results of water are available at the entrance to the Laguna City Beach.

On the Laguna City Beach Ljubljana, GPL – Laguna Recreation Center Ltd., Dunajska 270, Ljubljana, Institute of Public Health, Institute of Public 2, 1000 Ljubljana, regularly samples the drinking and bathing water. According to the Institute of Public Health, bathing water in the children’s pool and pools Riviera and Fontana are suitable for swimming.

You can get the assessment of adequacy of bathing water at cash-register.